Loyal Comrade Boxers

Our Boxers
Princess was the first boxer I had the privilege of owning.  She is a brindle with just a bit of white on her chest.  Her birthdate is August 10, 2004.  Princess is a typical boxer with lots of energy.  Her father is Champion Texas Hank.  Her mother is named Esta and is of European descent, which is where Princess gets her beautiful head and broad shoulders.
Cindy joined our family in May of 05'.  She is a flashy fawn.  Her birthday is March 24, 2005.  When I first brought her home that spring she was so tiny, she could almost hide in the lawn.  She would crouch in the
grass and then come charging
after me, it reminded me of a
little tiger!  Her father is
Champion Dreamboat's Bugg A Boo,
her mother is Garter's Texas Delilah.
Piglet was born on Sunday July
14, 2006.  Piglet is a
daughter to our very own Princess, 
and was from her very first
litter.  Piglets father is
Champion Dreamboat's Bugg A Boo
She is a very well structured boxer 
with an excellent confirmation!

Award for