Loyal Comrade Boxers
After an extensive search for my perfect boxer, I very happily stumbled upon a picture of 5 little puppies in a basket.  I knew immediately that I wanted one of those little faces looking back at me and hoped he wasn't yet taken.  I contacted Tony Gingrich.  He was great to deal with and answered all my questions! We were very impressed with him.

We drove 3 hours in a snowstorm to meet our little boy, who was only 5 weeks old at the time, and it was all worth it!  The only hard part was leaving and waiting another 3 weeks before we got to see him again. 

Tango is gorgeous and such a sweetheart who fits into our family perfectly. Everybody who meets him falls in love with him and comments on how beautiful his markings and coloring are.  He is smart, strong, confident, loves to cuddle and give kisses ... and of course, as the breed is known ... he is a clown!  Definitely a character who can warm your heart and make you smile in an instant.  He is a great family dog and even better with children.  So happy, patient, full of life and energy!

Hefner has a great personality he really is a great dog. A typical boxer in ever way. He is really friendly and loves other dogs.

Kevin and Niki
Hi Tony, I just wanted to give you an update on Mia. She is doing great, she's growing fast and we are having so much fun with her. She's such a good girl. I have attached a couple pictures for you. She is loving going for walks and we took her for her first swim a couple days ago. I will send some more pictures soon. Thanks again


She is such a great dog, we love her very much. Thank you again for helping us complete our family!

Brodie has been an amazing dog.  She's vey loving and full of energy.  Are you having another litter?

Thanks, Paul
Here’s a couple of pictures of him from yesterday.  It’s absolutely astonishing how many people just stop us in the middle of the street when we have him and comment on how good looking he is.

We purchased our Boxer Puppy from Tony Gingrich on May 8, 2009.  Mia has truly been a joy to us. She has a lovely temperament, very affectionate and eager to please. She was quite easy to housetrain and quick to learn how to walk on a leash.

Mia loves everyone, she is very curious and eager to meet any dog or person we come across on our walks. She loves to play with our horses and is great friends with our lovebird who is always loose in our home. We daily come home to find the lovebird sitting beside Mia in her favorite chair, keeping her company.

We have a hard time remembering life before Mia because she really has completed our family. She is so much fun to have around. Thanks again Tony for the wonderful pet!
Hey Tony,

Thought you might like to see
Winston growing up. He is 7 months
old and weighs over 45 pounds. Everyone
who meets him likes him, he is a very
impressive and intelligent boxer.

Hey Tony it's Colin and Ashley just updating you on how Greddy is doing!  He was a handfull at first but now after getting used to his new home and when he is supposed to sleep it's great now!   Greddy also seems to have gotten the name Houdini... He got out of his pen, then we started to use a crate... he has now figured out how to flip the latch and get out of that in less then 5 min.... then after driving him home from my parents house to visit the 3 other dogs, he got out of his body harness in the back seat.... And just last week, he got off his leash in the backyard 2 times but both times he has just sat at the back door wanting to come in, almost gave Ashley a heartattack when she saw no Greddy on the other end of the leash!!  He has grown quite a bit and loves to act like a kangaroo.... He is in obedence training right now and doing well.  He really completed our little family, we even thought about putting him in our wedding this August!
Here are some pics of him!
Hi Tony,

I just wanted to let you know that
Howard is doing very well and 
getting along amazingly with my
other Boxer, Zoey.  Katarina, Jack 
and I very happy with this little
boy (although I'm sure he won't be 
little for very long).

Thanks again.

Hi Tony;

We just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for introducing Aspen to our family.  Having done some significant research, we decided that we wanted a Boxer and in November 2008, we came about a picture of some of your litter from Princess and Tyrone. The perfect, black masked fawn caught our eye and we were excited to take her home.

We couldn't have been more pleased with the result.  Aspen has turned out to be the perfect dog!  Everyone who meets her has nothing but positive things to say and it's been an excellent dog ownership experience for us so far!

Aspen is extremely intelligent and is a very quick learner who is very easily trained.  Even recently, she's taken to learning new tricks fast!  Right out of the gate, she was very obedient (even listening to the smaller members of the pack (kids)) and she was such a joy to train that "obedience school" didn't even cross our minds.  She's been so receptive to training that we don't even need a fence - she's learned where the property line is and doesn't cross it!

Another wonderful surprise to us was that there has been absolutely no barking!  The neighbours love it and always comment that they hardly know she's around because she never barks.

The best feature of our boxer is how she always wants to be with you. She's incredibly loyal, friendly and always wants to be with a member of her "pack."  An added bonus is how protective she is of our kids and family in general - not aggressively, but you know she's looking out for you.  While she's breed-typical wary of strangers, she warms up fast to anyone she

Aspen plays extremely well with other dogs, kids or anybody who's interested in playing with her.  With lots of energy, her playful temperament and always inquisitive demeanor, she's a great companion who'll always keep you laughing.

We are often stopped on the street and told how beautiful, sleek and well defined she is.  Even our veterinarian has commented on how great her bloodlines are and how she's an excellent example of the breed in many of her features (teeth/gums, joints, and cardiovascular system).

Tony, you've done a wonderful job of breeding boxers and the result of your efforts we enjoy every day!  Thank you so much and we'd be happy to recommend you and Loyal Comrade Boxers to anyone!

Derek & Misty
Syrous is doing well and has been an awesome addition to my family. She is well behaved and plays till no end and she even loves swimming, which I heard is odd for boxers. I have also attached a picture if you wish to use on your website.

Hey Tony,

Sorry took so long to email you, Our camera was stolen so I was unable to take a picture of sookie untill last night when we purchased a new camera.

You may post which ever pictures you like best of sookie on your site..
she is a wonderful dog.. the family loves her and she loves us very much.  She is one of the best things that has happened to our family and like to say thank you.

Thanks Again,

Hi Tony just thought we would update you on Leeroy he is getting really big!  He is such an amazing dog and we love having him around he makes us laugh and he is very affectionate, entertaining and cuddly.  Leeroy fits perfectly with our family!!  I'll continue to update you on how he is doing, and I am sure he is going to get alot bigger still.  Here are some pictures as Leeroy along the way.  Hope you enjoy them and you are welcome to post them on your site!!!  We don't mind showing off our handsome boy!


Chantelle &Tyler 

Hi Tony..this is Warren's Mom Ruth writing..Thank you for raising such beautiful boxers...!!! I am 61..have M.s..no longer able to work...i take care of Snoop Dog..when Warren works..and she is as much my boxer puppy as his..we live two doors apart...Iam an early riser  ..so go get Snoop out early in the mornings..and she has the run of three small yards...never strays away...heads straight to my place..and has full freedom in my home..toys there for her ..food etc.. she gets exercise fetching ..and I just marvel at her speed running..comes in the house with me....a gentle companion..She just loves my four year old grandson as much he loves her..They are both full of energy ..

  Warren takes her for runs to dog parks..She is getting better in the car..lengthly car..rides stress her and she gets diahrea...I checked out some boxer sites...and sure i am biased, but we have some really beautiful pictures of her ..in wonderful natural settings..that far surpass lots I have seen on online Boxer sites..!!!!
Sincerly   Ruth..
Hi Tony !
  So nice to hear from you.

  Snoop is thriving..was so easily housetrained..Everyone marvels at her energy ..how she loves family and all children .It is joy to watch her with my four year old grandson . we are so proud of her beautiful temperment  playing with groups of children ..She will clown around.and always manages to have the children giggling with delight ..she instinctively ..adapts to the small childrens size and speed..takes in a group of kids petting and hugging her all at once that might overwhelm  other dogs..

  Likewise, snoop responds gently and affectionately to elderly friends and neighbours.. She loves being with family such a wonderful companion that she stays with me when Warren works..

  We thank you for breding such wonderful Boxers..and will recommend you to anyone wanting the " perfect family pet "..
                                                                                      Sincerely ,
                                                                                       Warren and Ruth
Hi Tony! I am writing to update you on Rosco and thank you for the BEST boxer in the WHOLE world!!! He is soooo awesome, smart, loyal.  I get told how gorgeous he is all the time and never tire of hearing it!  He is so smart, he learned everything REALLY quickly (didn't need boxer puppy school). He is so well behaved, he doesn't bark much (unless one of his friends is barking and then he joins in) and he is protective of our house (if someone is at the door he growls until he sees if he knows the person).  We are BEST friends, we hang out and cuddle every day. Go to the park or the beach or just for walks! He is very social and loves ALL dogs and children... he is wary of strangers though! (which I don't blame him). Just wanted to thank you again for breeding such a wonderful/loving boxer dog!

I attached some pictures for you to see how he has grown!

thanks again!!! :-)


Snoop Dog